Friday, March 27, 2009

Italian Mac

I pulled this recipe from the Miserly Mom's website. After my husband lost his job when Circuit City closed I had to take a different approach to cooking and shopping. So a lot of the recipes you will see me post now will be very frugal recipes with few ingredients. But only if they are good enough for us to eat again. This one is already on my menu plan for this week.

Italian Mac Recipe

from: Miserly Mom's

Very inexpensive, makes a large batch, freezes well and takes hardly any time to make! For my family of 3 we eat one meal, leftover lunch for husband, and still have half a pan to freeze for another meal!

2 boxes Mac & Cheese (store brand 2@.89)
1lb hamburger (on sale @ .89/lb)
1 small onion diced (unsure of price)
1/2 green pepper diced (unsure of price)
1 16oz can spaghetti sauce (store brand meat flavor @ .89)
1 package (2 cups) mozzarella ( store brand 1.50 on sale)

Make mac&cheese according to package directions.
Brown hamburger, onion, and pepper. Drain and add spaghetti sauce.
In a 9x13 baking dish layer hamburger mixture, then mac &cheese, then mozzarella. (I use a 1 cup measuring cup and spread it out evenly). End layers with a cheese layer.
Everything is already cooked so bake at 350 until cheese is as melted or browned as your family prefers. Serve with Salad (or we do green beans).


marey said...

Looks good, Mandi! I think I've made this before, or something very similar! We love chili mac! Yum!

Brie said...

We've made this twice so far and love it too:)

JUST SHAR said...

i make something kinda like this, called the hubbys home casserole, but this is different with the spaghetti sauce, etc.. so cool!!! I bet Scott would like it!