Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast

I don't know if you've discovered her blog, But I recently did and it was glorious! Please when you have time, Visit Pioneer woman, She is funny, interesting has lot's of eyecandy on both her blogs and she CAN COOK :)
Now, This recipe is written as I made it you can find her post here :)

Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast

1 Chuck Roast
2 Medium Sized Onions (chunked)
6 or more Carrots (chunked)
2 cans of Beef Broth (approx)
Thyme & Rosemary (Dried)

First, heat a large pot/dutch oven over medium high heat. Then add 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil. (Or combo of butter and oil, Now generously salt your chuck roast. Now add a bunch of black pepper. Now take a couple of onions…And cut them in half from root to tip.Then cut off the tops, cut off the bottoms, and peel off the outer layer. If you’re an onion addict/freak, feel free to use more.When the oil in the pot is very hot but not quite smoking Add in the onions And brown them on one side, about a minute and then do the same for the other side. remove onions and do the same with the carrots. Remove the carrots then sear each side of your roast & remove from pot. Now, with the burner on high, we’re going to deglaze the pan. In layman’s terms, we’re going to incorporate the use of a liquid to precipitously loosen the diminutive bits of culinary goodness from the bottom of the alloy pan. In real people’s terms, we’re gonna scrape the heck out of the pan and git all that gooooood stuuuuuuff off the use beef broth. add all ingredients and spices to the pot, cover and cook 275 for about 3 hours.
Serve with Mashed Potatoes :)


Brie said...

I love these simple hearty meals!

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks SO good, and easy, too which I love :D

Anonymous said...

I am looking at your roast beef and it's so tender!! i wonder if i have my oven too high!!!? this looks so good Mandi!